Photos WG3
Diary of Roger's photography shoot at the El Cahon Gillespie Field Air Show, California June , 2009

Parachutists disembarking.
All the jumpers from here down are in sequence.
What is with these crossed legs? Is he praying?
Near touch down.
Yeah! he made it.
He seems to be a bit disoriented which I sure would be.
More cool art.
A group of marines did an impressive mock battle. The noise was deafening. It made me glad, that I never did combat.
The wasted shells which they later came back to retrieve.
One of the Japanese photographers had a Wimberly tripod head which I tried out and fell in love with. You can pan your camera smooth as glass with this highly precision machined sophisticated head. Unfortunately the cost for it is $360 just for the head.

Last updated on November 20, 2010