Photos WG1
Diary of Roger's photography shoot at the El Cahon Gillespie Field Air Show, California June , 2009

A small air port in El Cajonm, CA
9 cylinders of power.
I love the military art work!
This looks to be in working order.
I always wanted to own one of these when I was young.
A great plane for Alaska.
Danger or designer prop?
A nice pair.
I loved this pristine model Ford. All its brass metal was highly polished.
I beleive this is the airplane that won WW2 for the USA, the P51. I love that Bugs Bunny art work. A P51 in good restored condition cost $2 million dollars now.
A two seater for a romantic get away.
A ferocious looking plane.
Another P51 getting ready for action.
They built thousands of these planes for the war.

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