Photos WADC6

Photo's by Roger Zellmer on my Photo Safari in DC, July 13, 2011

The gentleman on the right is David Luria the owner of Photo Safari who is a very engaging and knowledgeable photographer.
After a 45 minute general lecture about photography we were given the assignment to photograph this statue of horse and rider as feature photo for a brochure.
Amazing all the different angles to choose from!
I was not following directions here as I had too much foreground.
This photo was deemed the best of my shots which actually followed the assignment. Zero in on the horse and rider.
My favorite shot.
The Einstein Memorial.
I am not sure what memorial these statues were, but they are sure photogenic. They were located right next to the Korean Veterans War Memorial.
Amazing statues which really show what a soldier goes through in war.
One of my classmates in front of the Korean Memorial Wall.
Yours truly.
David having fun with a student.
Georgetown restaurant district.
We all tried a bit of abstract.
A shot inside the car.
The Washington National Cathedral Church through a rain drop coated window.
This church was well worth seeing.
It was beautiful and huge inside.
The stain glass windows were beautiful works of art.
Another one of my class mates who was an actress, singer, and a voice coach/teacher. She was not a great photographer but here social skills were superb and she kept us all entertained with interesting theatrical stories.
Enjoyed the Safari photo tour a lot. Heading back home on this metro train.

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