Photos WADC5

Photo's by Roger Zellmer on my Grayline tour of "DC at Night", July 12, 2011

The Grayline tour stopped here for couple minute for a photo opt of the US State Capitol.
The White house photographed near sunset. Note all of the security cameras located on the roof.
The Washington Memorial just before sunset.
The Lincoln Monument from a distance.
A closer view.
The Washington Monument and the State Capital building. Unfortunately the reflection ponds were all closed for maintenance.
Our bus driver "Big Ale" was a real comedian and added a lot to the enjoyment of the tour. Our bus broke down in the middle of the tour and we were transferred to another bus after a one hour delay, but Big Ale kept up our spirits with his humor.
The Jefferson Memorial.
The Washington Monument again from a different location. Since then it has been closed down due to cracks in the structure from an earth quake.

Last updated on September 14, 2011