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Photo's by Roger Zellmer on my Grayline tour to Gettysburg Battle Field in Pennsylvania, July 11, 2011

Our first stop in Gettysburg was the Diorama an impressive miniature replication of the battlefield including soldiers artillery etc. We were given a narrated history of the battle with nice lighting, highlighting the location of each battle.
I believe this was a private diorama, not connected with the National Park. It was included at no cost in the Grayline tour.
The country side was relatively flat green farm land. If not for the canons, monuments, and occasional plaques, one would not know that this is a National Park.
We had a park guide for this portion of the tour who was totally knowledgeable about the civil war.
This area was a Southern stronghold.
The cannons were all plugged to prevent possible use.
These two cyclist were going to Sturgis in South Dakota. Way too hot for this activity in my opinion. It was in mid 90's today with high humidity.
The southern General Pickett charged across this area toward cemetery ridge and lost 3,000 men, his entire command. According to our guide this was the worst mistake Robert E. Lee made and probably caused the south to loose the war.
Some beautiful memorial statues. Without these memorials one would not know a battle ever took place here.
Over 46,000 men died in this area during a 3 day period. Approximately 23,000 casualties by both the south and the north. Way higher losses than anything occurring afterwards.
Cemetery Ridge.
Picketts charge also passed through this valley being fired on with artillery from high ground.
These canons were quite accurate and could do some real damage.
Our last stop was this residential house which was occupied during the battles at Gettysburg.
The guide explained to us what it was like to be a civilian during this battle before and after. A very interesting tour.
Another period house in the small town of Gettysburg.

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