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Photo's by Roger Zellmer on my trip to Alexandria, Mt. Vernon, Korean Monument, & the Washington Cemetery, July 10, 2011

Original cobblestone street in Alexandria which almost became the site of our US Capitol.
B&W version.
The old houses were very beautiful and well maintained.
Christ Church is located in this town where George Washington and Robert E. Lee attended services.
The gray line tours in DC were well worth the money and the driver/guide was usually well versed on the history of the area.
This is the entrance into the Mt. Vernon estate where George Washington lived. It is about 60 miles from down town DC.
Beautiful old growth trees on this beautiful site.
Nice cupola.
The view of the Potomac River. If I had the choice of living on the three plantations I visited, it would be this one. It is big and has beautiful views in all directions.
The house was big for its time, but probably smaller than my own house.
The grounds so green and well maintained.
I was not allowed to photograph indoors because of copy righted art work.
All variety of deciduous trees do well here.
Most of the docents, security, etc. dressed similar to the period.
George used a carriage like to this, to commute to DC some times, but apparently rode via horseback most of the time.
This guy was an on staff doctor for the facility. He loved horses and mules giving us some insight into George's breeding programs.
He looks like a southern gentleman doctor for sure.
I believe these are Cheshire horses which George loved and breed for years, but did not make money doing it.
This mule is huge.
A trail down to the river boat house.
The garden flowers so pretty.
After Mount Vernon and lunch the Grayline Tour bus took us to the Korean War Memorial in DC.
The statues are made of stainless steel. The artist Frank Chalfant Gaylord II is excellent. Note the wall in the back ground also done by this artist.
Liberty and freedom are not free and these statues certainly show the fatigue and hardship of battle.
Next the tour transported us to Washington Cemetery. It is sprinkling now, note the rain drop on my lens upper center left.
This cemetery used to be Robert E. Lee's Plantation and Mansion. The North decided to get even with him for giving them such a hard time during the civil war.
We watched the changing of the guard for the tomb of the unknown soldier.
Here comes the next guard.
We stopped to give our respects to John F. Kennedy at his eternal flame.


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