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Photo's by Roger Zellmer on my trip to Washington DC - Grayline tour - "DC in a day" July 7, 2011

I did a grayline tour called "DC in a day" which left from Union Station at 9:00 am.
The first stop was our State Capitol building.
The grounds were beautiful, well maintained, and well guarded.
Note the guard standing here.
We did a free guided tour which was excellent. There were several rules almost all related to security.
The art in this building alone was worth the entry.
Obviously photography was allowed including flash.
The famous Indian Princess who helped Louis and Clark navigate through Indian country.
The Rotunda was awesome.
I became friends with this couple from
Australia. He was a retired fire captain from a large city. Both he an his wife were a real kick and they both saved me from getting lost more than once.
This is our National Arboretum a really neat place.
it was really steamy in here however.
Yours truly at one of the memorials on the tour.
I was really tired by the time we reached the Smithsonian Natural History Museum.
The specimen was huge, note the human next to him.
Petrified wood.

They are sill cleaning up fossils and bones here. It reminds me of the TV show named "Bones".


My tour ended here because I missed my bus. This museum actually had two exits and I waited at the wrong one, Fortunately I was able to get on another open air Grayline bus to Union Station.

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