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Photo's by Roger Zellmer on my trip to Monticello July 4, 2011

I was hungry after the long 100 mile 2 hour drive, so I decided to have lunch at this famous Tavern frequented by Thomas Jefferson.
The lunch was a buffet style with basic food of the period, which was quite tasty and a nice glass of Ale also enhanced the lunch.
The attendants were all in period dress.
This lady served me my Ale in a pewter cup.
The house looked as it did when Jefferson lived here.
Beautiful tailored hedges and shrubs surrounded the yard of the mansion.
Another view of the house. Unfortunately photography was not allowed in the house because of original art work on the walls.
Jefferson had every toy know to man at this time in history. He actually invented very little, but was a prolific shopper from all over the world.
Yours truly on a hot day at Monticello. Why did I wear black today.
This girl took my photo, so I reciprocated.
A better pose I think.
Loved the background of this daisy.
Have not seen a flower like this in California.
A beautiful variegated lily.
The mansion maintained a beautiful garden.
Perhaps these are peas?
The sweet corn in DC area was wonderful.

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