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Photo's by Roger Zellmer Linda Willingham - Utah 2005 trip - Swasey Rapids on the Green River

Our site at Swasey Rapids on the Green River. One of my favorite locations ever.
Linda near back view window of the 5th wheel.
The Swasey Rapids and Russell Butte in the background. We did one fun 8 mile raft run on this class 2 3 section of river.
Another cool rock formation at Swasey Rapids. The rapids were music to our ears all night long.
An historic ruin of a rancher's house on the river.
Before our raft trip, we all did a scenic easy 3 mile hike with Meggie up this canyon. It was easy walking and full of flowers.
The orange desert mallow was at its height of bloom.
Linda and Meggie in a bed of flowers.
Mollie and Linda could not believe how prolific these Dune Primrose flowers were.
A close up of these unidentified flowers which we could not find in any flower book??. Whoops, I just found them in the book - Dune Primrose.
The bee doing some pollination.
A great looking pear cactus.
Leaving Saturday morning the clouds were covering some of the buttes on the San Rafael Swell. In real life it looked like a painting.
Forgot to put the step up, so we had to stop.

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