Photos SM5

Roger's photography shoot at Klingman Dome, Smoke Smoky Mtn NP,TN- Oct, 2010

Photos were shot using a Canon 7d camera.


We decided to drive to Kingmans Dome today, the highest point at 6500' in Smoky Mtn NP.
It was wet and foggy when we started out.
Very scenic with little wisps of fog here and there in the distance.
I guess this is why the adjective Smoky is used to describe the beautiful park.
As we went up the mountain more fog and then a heavy rain began to fall.
The colors were beautiful even in the fog and rain.
The road up was very curvy and the going was very slow with the rain and fog.

Finally about 7 mile before the summit Linda protested that the conditions were too dangerous and she convinced me to turn back.

Last updated on November 30, 2010