Photos SM4

Roger's photography shoot at Cades Cove Smoky Mtn NP,TN- Oct, 2010

Photos were shot using a Canon 7d camera.


In Smoky Mtn NP on our way to Cades Cove.
We stopped here for a picnic lunch.
Yum Yum food taste so good in the great outdoors.
The river was still running nicely after some rain storms.
I love the color of these huge maple trees.
We are in Cades Cove. It is a very popular old farming valley area with historic buildings. We did the 11 mile loop via car stopping at many of the old log cabins and churches.
The park service keeps a few horses on some of the old farms.

My sister Joanne.

We hit the color near its maximum.

David told us that this was poison oak.

The forest was so beautiful and peaceful.
The building foundation on posts was interesting construction.

Crops were grown on these fields.

The original residents protested when the new park forced them to leave. The area before the park was over logged and many common hunting animals were completely wiped out. Many of the animals have now been introduced back into the park.
My wife Linda and our Irish Terrier dog Meghan.
Many old farm implements made the settlements worth touring. Fortunately we picked a day that was not too busy. Apparently huge traffic jams occur in this park quite often, especially in the fall.
Yours truly next to the hay rake.
Joanne is ready to cut some hay, but where is my horse?
Having grown up on a farm in Wisconsin, I really enjoyed seeing the old farm implements.
Joanne and her husband David.
An old water wheel and grist miil. The had freshly ground corn meal for sale. Cades Cove was my favorite area of the park.

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