Photos SM3

Roger's photography shoot at Dollywood, Pidgeon Forge,TN - Oct, 2010

Photos were shot using a Canon 7d camera.


The prettiest and cleanest theme park I have ever visited.
The parking lot was huge but there were lots of shuttle buses for transport to the entrance.
We didn't find time to take this steam powered train.
This craftsman was making bent wood baskets.
A bird shape gourd.
Lots of flowers still in bloom.
My sister Joanne and her husband David Allen.

Linda and yours truly.


The autumn theme was everywhere.

I love sorghum as my dad used to grow and harvest it in Wisconsin. The horse is operating the press to squeeze out the sorghum.

The sorghum plants and wood for boiling the syrup down.

My dad used a more modern press powered by electricity rather than horse power.
This Merry Go Round was quite unique.
We hit the autumn colors just right.
They were making corn meal at this mill.
This guy was making decorative paper.
David, Joanne, and Linda were totally engrossed in this craft.
A weaver making some beautiful rugs. All the crafts were available for purchase.
We ate at a lot of barbecue restaurants during our stay having lots of pulled pork and other things such as pork cheeks.
Nice streams running through the park.
I love these John Deere tractors.
What a huge horn of plenty.

We visited Dollywood 2 days and attended perhaps 6 musical shows.

Last updated on November 30, 2010