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Roger's photography shoot at Graceland in Memphis and Grand Old Opry in Nashville, TN, Oct, 2010

Photos were shot using an i-phone camera. I was worried that a high end camera would not be allowed, hence the i-phone. To my surprise high end cameras were actually allowed.


The tickets for the Graceland tour were $60 per person. It was a beautiful autumn day in Memphis.
The house was a moderate southern style mansion.
The back of house.
One of Elvis's editing rooms.
The king kicking it up a notch.
One of his gold outfits.
I have listened to this gold record many times.
He was a very young man when this shot was taken.

Photos of Presley's mother and daughter.

The king is buried here on the property.
A pleasant scene from the burial site.

Linda liked this convertible.

Not many purple ones like this in existence.
Hey, this is my favorite the pink Cadillac. The auto museum was my favorite part of Graceland which also included motor cycles, tractors, and various farm equipment.
The small jet which Elvis owned.
And here is the big jet for attending concerts with his entourage.
We took a tour bus to down town Nashville to see the original Grand Old Opry music radio show performance.
A pretty building owned by my cell phone provider.
Down town was full of clubs and music stores.
This is the original theater where all the music radio shows are held even now.
These dancers were actually in the show we saw.
The 8 singers we saw tonight were all highly talented.
This lady is equivalent to the old time Minnie Pearl. We both enjoyed the show and I think Linda was happy that I dragged her from her TV shows tonight.

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