Photos SE2

Photos by Roger Zellmer & Bill Taylor - Seqouia NP 2004

Here we are at Hume Lake where we did a 2-3 miles hike on a trail right near shore with Meggie off leash.
The very colorful snow plant was abundant at this elevation about 7,500'
A bridge on a creek inlet into Hume Lake.
Hume Lake with snow capped mountains in the back ground on a perfect retirement day.
The Yucca was also in full bloom near our campsite elevations..
A trio of Yucca plants which especially impressed Linda.
Some silver strands of snow and ice on distant mountain.
Another view of the south entrance road into the park with 10 mph hairpin turns.
The start of our hike near Lodgepole campground up the Kaweah River to Tokopah Falls
It was a very beautiful hike right on the river. I remembered my walking stick this time as there were lots of rocks and tree limbs to step over.
Matt is on a rock in the river video recording the river. He is obsessed with filming fast moving mountain streams and will not allow any humans in his footage. Relatives can be weird.
I really thought this little tributary into the Kaweah was a picturesque spot. The trail was very well maintained with bridges. I would give the beauty rating a 10 for this trail.
Tokopah Falls, this is why we walked the tough uphill 3.4 mile round trip hike. This picture does not actually do it justice as it is indescribably beautiful in person. The 91 year old Bill Taylor actually made it all the way. Hope I can do this at his age. Notice the snow patches. It was a bit brisk up here.
These are Dogwood trees in full bloom. They also had a heavenly fragrance,.

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