Photos RP2

Photos by Roger Zellmer & Linda Willingham - Parade day at Rose Parade 2004 -

It was a cool morning in the 50's when the parade began at 8:00 a.m. Note all the people huddling in their blankets.
The official beginning of the parade.
The MUSIC MUSIC MUSIC theme float.
Pass 1 of the stealth bomber and fighters
Pass 2 taken by Steve Biro. Many of the photo's on this trip were taken by Steve.
Being an avid birder I loved this float.
The longest float of the parade.
The tallest float of the parade by Walt Disney Studios.
I love floats with natural looking flowers.
Close up of previous float.
Linda's favorite horse of the parade. Look at the curly mane on this equestrian.
No discrimination this year. Two comical women picked up the poop.
Lion King revisited.
Cats are always pleasing to look at.
The cat moved up and down trying to shed the butterfly.
This was a spectacular dinosaur float that won 1st place for animation as it went up and down like a real prehistoric monster.
Flash back to the Beach Boys era.
The last tenor I saw at street level.
That's all for this year. The departure was quite orderly. Most people started walking to the stadium for the football game. Some had pre parties at their RV in the Parson's Parking lot. A great way to start out a new year.

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