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Photo's by Roger Zellmer Charlene Winter - Peshtigo River camping raft trip -

This is a class 2 and 3+ river this time of year. Orientation mostly about how to get off the rocks.
We got booties, wet suit, helmets, and life jackets.
We are off, down the very scenic river. In the spring you would be hard pressed to make it down in a raft this small.
The first 1/2 hour was easy except for avoiding the rocks. But then came the first 5' drop with a pulsating curl at the bottom which I hit sideways causing me to flip. How embarrassing, my first flip this year. Mike and the guide helped me get back into the raft. The remaining drops were negotiated with no problem but were exhilarating.
We slept good that night, as it was a strenuous run, due to all the paddling required to get off rocks.
A water falls in Marionette County Northern Wisconsin.
This was not runable in a raft.
It was a pleasant sunny day in the 80's.
This must be really big in the spring
We had a delicious picnic in this park. Charlene used her left over pork stew to make sandwiches.
Linda found a tranquil spot this creek.
That tree made a nice frame.
This creek was really roaring.
A mixed forest of white birch, aspen, pine, etc.
Char and Mike getting brave.

Last updated on February 2, 2009