Photo's OR3

Photo's by Roger Linda of Oregon Coast trip in the Brookings area August 2007

A man made oyster bed at Winchester Bay. I purchased fresh oyster three times and really enjoyed them breaded and saut'ed in butter.
We stopped at Cape Blanco SP for lunch and parked right on the edge of the cliff.
The light house was part of the view. I opened the slides and we had a nice leisurely with a view to die for.
Another view from the trailer window.
This is a huge park with beach access, two camp grounds, and hiking trails. I would like to stay here next time for a few days.
After lunch we walked Meghan down to the beach.
Meghan loves to run and play on the beach.
A treat for the Meg.
In Brookings we stayed at the Whales Head Resort and this rock is the reason for its name.
This is why I have a white truck.
Whales Head SB across the street from our RV Park.
Another beach just up the road from us
The fog some days would never totally burn off.
If you got on the beach before 9:00 a.m. it was all yours.

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