Photo's OR2

Photo's by Roger Linda of Oregon Coast trip Florence area in August 2007

Sutton SP just north of Florence. Meghan got a 4 mile walk in the wilderness along this beautiful creek
No people or dogs did we encounter for 2 hours.
Meghan testing the bridge across the creek for me.
Meghan fell in love with this piece of drift wood and dragged it to shore to show us several times.
The beginning of our 8 mile hike on the Tahkenitch trail lead by Paul Flashenberg.
It was a hike over sand dunes, beach, and through wooded forest.
Paul brought a friends Bearded Collie dog named Jack.
Paul and Linda climbing up a sand dune. It was hard work going up these dunes and I was always in the rear.
Meghan having a drink in 3 mile Lake.

This was at the bottom of a huge sand dune. Meghan is running full speed back to us.
She has slowed down to a lazy walk which was really funny. Even dogs have problems running up hill in loose sand.
We all took a little rest here at the 4 mile mark. This hike had to be in the top10 most beautiful hikes ever for me.
I am trying to talk Paul or Linda into going back uphill 1.5 miles to get my camera, which I left on a bench. I ended up walking back early the next morning and found a note that it was found and left with the camp host. I retrieved it with no problem.

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