Photos MED9
Roger's cruise photos, to Valletta, Malta, Sept 13, 2015. All photos were shot with a FujiFilm X-T1 using a FujiFilm 18 - 55 mm f2.8 lens.

Woke up to this scene this morning. It is the prehistoric walled city of Malta.
The sun was very pleasant this morning on my veranda.
Old and modern tour vehicles ready to transport.

On the bus heading for the city drop off point.

The tour had lots of walking perhaps 5 miles total. I was a bit tired and dehydrated when I finished. I slept for 4 hours after the tour and skipped the formal dinner.
The city was last run by England and is clean and well restored.
Cool art in wood. Too big for my shop to make.
Coat of arms in stone.
Love those protruding windows.
Our guide for the day.
What is a dog like this doing in a warm Mediterranean climate?
The cannons made invaders apprehensive about entering.
Beautiful flora surrounding the buildings.
Colorful tree.
The rich British would naturally have one of these.
Narrow street and tightly packed buildings.
The city has been highly fortified through out its history, but still invaded by many countries.
A beautiful protected harbor.
The Romans built these aqua ducts for the city water supply.
Winston Churchill statue indicating the last British controlling power to rule.
The French have also invaded this country once or twice.
The British liked Albert.
It was Sunday morning and the Cafe's were beginning to open.
Green is a popular color here.
Roman numeral clocks.
We call this Sunday brunch.
A famous English queen.
A different style of art.
Beautiful courtyard flora.
We have now entered a museum in town.
All walls and ceiling are fair game for art adornment.
Nice grandfather size clock.