Photos MED8
Roger's cruise photos, of Olive oil luncheon tour in Italy on Sept 28, 2015 All photos were shot with a FujiFilm X-T1 using a FujiFilm 18 - 55 mm f2.8 lens.

I got up about 5:30am and looked into sky from my Veranda discovering the lunar eclipse was going on. I quickly got my camera installed on a tripod and shot a few photos of the lunar eclipse event before the moon went behind some clouds.
Arrived in the port of Civitavecchia 7:00am for the 2nd time on my long cruise. This port is about 100 miles from Rome and is very active and full of cruise ships. Another pretty morning sky.
I decided to do a countryside excursion which also included olive oil, vinegar, and wine tasting at a local farm. I am on my way photographing from the bus.

The soil appears to be quite rich in this part of Italy.

Lush green country side.
A good looking track and soccer field.
Italy countryside is beautiful and on my list hopefully for another visit via land some day.
What could be prettier than this?
Lots of sheep grazing in this area.
We stopped in the town of Tuscania for a break and a short hike in the town. This is the entrance into the old town section.
In 1971 an earthquake destroyed most of this city of Tusania. Most of the walls constructed to defend Tuscania in the Middle Ages are still intact. The city has been restored to look like the original structures.
Quaint little houses and restaurants.
Our walk through the old town ended here.
The fortified structures across the valley is a world heritage historic site, but sorry to say that I forgot the name of it. We did not visit it.
Our attractive and knowledgeable guide for the today.
Tuscany area is on my list for a future visit.
It was in the mid 60's today.
Some nice shops and cafes in the old town.
Mr. cormorant.
Back in our bus heading to the olive oil farm. Italy is also on the wind power band wagon.
Arrived at the farm house where we had an excellent lunch after our lecture about olive oil.
Pear cactus is abundant just like in San Diego.
We learned every imaginable thing about the production and use of olive oil during this 1/2 hour lecture.
A very pretty restaurant and villa.
I love cactus jam which Linda's aunt used to make for us in California.
Not an olive tree.
Greek Cypress were abundant here just like San Diego. Our neighbors have some that are so tall and would damage our house big time if they toppled over.
The Rosemary aroma was so nice.
Felix the house cat of the villa.
Tilled fields ready for planting.
Love the open tranquil country side.
A coal power plant in the distance.