Photos MED7
Roger's cruise photos, to Rome, Italy on Sept 11, 2015 All photos were shot with a FujiFilm X-T1 using a FujiFilm 18 - 55 mm f2.8 lens.

Not a great photo, but it is the entrance into Rome and this is where all the extreme Chariot races took place.
Buildings like this are common place in Rome. What a spectacular city. Sure glad I did this long excursion today.
Parking is a real problem in Rome, hence lots of small motor cycles and scooters used for commuting to to work.

This shot was taken in the bus of the great Roman Colosseum.

The end result of the Roman aqueduct water system built eons back.
I enjoyed my ship acquaintance, a friendly gynecologist doctor from New York. The woman in pink is our guide for Rome.
Our first stop was "St. Peter’s in Chains” Basilica.

The main reason to visit this "St. Peter’s in Chains” Basilica is to see this - . It is Michelangelo’s statue of Moses an awesome world renown piece of art. In person the statues looked life like.


Being there in person is amazing and your eye is really held to this painting on the ceiling.
What is with these skeletons?
This painting had vibrant color and clarity. My camera lens was just fast enough to photograph inside this dark church without flash.
Devilish looking sculpture.
Our main bus guide for the day. Rome was so busy that three guides were required to keep our group together and not get lost.
My first view on foot of the great coliseum.
I became friends with this doctor from New York. She really knew how to take all the advantages these excursions had to offer. She was always right next to the main guide.
Excavation is on going even in the middle of the city.
This was our expert super knowledgeable guide for Rome. She was also a professor at a Rome University.
She really knew history and had all the dates memorized. Every one should see Rome at least once in their life time.
We did not get to go inside the coliseum but even the outside was awesome.
The old entrance into the coliseum, admittance was allowed or disallowed.
The Romans sure had allot of skilled stone masons.
Yours truly from the Rome coliseum.
In the bus heading to Vatican City.
Entering into the Vatican now.
Beautiful sculptures every where.
Just about to enter the main museum in the Vatican.
The museum was mostly a long passage perhaps 5 football fields long.
There was an arm or two missing here and there.
Colored tile decoration in a floor.
The tapestry's were huge in size, beautiful, and very old.
All tapestry's definitely told a story.
Outside now. The popes room is one window to the left of the far right.
I am now entering the St. Peter's Basilica the largest church in the world, approximately 2 US football fields long.
Most of the art and statues in the church were done by Michelangelo or his students.
Michaelangelo's work looked beyond excellent to my untrained eye. The Pope of the time had to beg him to continue work on the church.
Out of the church into the open area where the pope talks to the masses. It was beginning to rain and we had to walk about a mile to our bus.
Ah yes, a 11 hour day, but back on the ship watching a beautiful sunset from the dining room.