Photos MED4
Roger's cruise photos, to Nice (Villafranche), France on Sept 9, 2015 All photos were shot with a FujiFilm X-T1 using a FujiFilm 18 - 55 mm f2.8 lens.

Here is my view from my room at Nice France harbor. A tender ride is required to get into shore. This harbor was loaded with some expensive yachts.
I am on my way to Monaco in the bus.
Some high end houses on the road to Monaco.

In a small coastal town.

The seaside countryside is very similar to Southern California.
The elevation from the ocean rises rapidly.
Very green lush area.


Look at that tree growing right out of the shear cliff.

All of these houses had full views of the coast line and ocean.
Ferns in abundance.
Getting close to Monte Carlo.
Motor cycles and scooters even popular in Monaco. Parking and space is lacking in Monaco.
Extensive construction of high rise expensive condos all over the city.
Another missed lunch opportunity.
Love the colors and the black wrought iron.
Modern high rise.
The police security is relentless in Monte Carlo. No one with bad or suspicious back ground is allowed into the country.
Our fun French girl guide for our excursion into Monaco.
More multi tiered condos.
Monaco's king and queens residence on this peninsula near the ocean.
There was a large fire threating Monaco property on this dry day.
The cliffs below the residence's were beautiful.
Doing a selfie the easy way.
Policeman's motor bike.
This guy threatened to confiscate my camera because I took a photo of him.
This bus driver negotiated us through incredibly tight situations on this excursion.
The guy who owned the top of this residence was probably a billionaire.
Yachts in the distance practicing for an up coming race.
Loved the aqua marine colored water in close to shore.
Monaco is a very congested and affluent country.
These large sale boats are also getting ready for an upcoming race.
What a view.
The road back to Nice is really a snaky ordeal.
Pretty pine tree.
These planes were dropping water on the fire during our entire 3.5 hour excursion.
For some reason they did not pick water in the ocean near the fire, but traveled about 20 miles along the coast to drop their hoses filling up their tanks.
The hills near Nice are much like La Jolla California, but more expansive.
Scenic looking deep canyon continuing down into the ocean.
What a pretty little villa.
Perfume factory.
Almost every women on the bus came into this perfume store.
The soap was also very nice smelling.
There is our ship anchored in the bay near Nice. Look at all the yachts in the harbor.
The tourist were enjoying the beach today.
View near a canal in Nice.
Another view of my home for one month.