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Roger's cruise photos, to Marseille, France on Sept 8, 2015 All photos were shot with a FujiFilm X-T1 using a FujiFilm 18 - 55 mm f2.8 lens.

Arriving in the port of Marseille, France at 6:00am.
Before having breakfast at the buffet I walked up to the highest deck at the bow of the ship.
Another prosperous looking sea port.

Beautiful sun lite cruise ship coming into port slowly.

This is our guide for the day on our excursion into Marseille.
A photo of pretty high rise office building shot from the bus.
What a maze of freeways as the bus driver was escaping the freeway in preference to surface roads. I like the curve in this leg of the freeway.


The French don't need cranes to the lift their containers.

Many of the French use motor cycles and scooters to commute to work.
The old buildings are in beautiful condition in this area of France.
Scooters galore in the business districts.
Abundance of French balconies.
Steeples of all sizes and heights.
This structure hanging in the air seemingly unsupported looks cool.
An old fortification.
Pleasure boats of every description near the waterfront with Notre Dame in background.
Old city administration building.
Pristine looking small white cathedral.
Look at the curvature of this old building. Some good workmanship went into this.
These are oil wells rigs on this island.
The bus stopped here to visit this old war memorial.
Beautiful statues.
The bus drivers in these European cities are amazingly skillful as the roads are narrow and not great.
There are many famous seafood restaurants in this area. I wished we were stopping for lunch.
It was about 10:30am and the Cafe was already beginning to fill up.
We are in a residential area now getting close to our destination at the Notre Dame basilica.
View of the Notre Dame basilica.
A nice French produce area in this residential area.
I love French pastry Yum Yum.