Photos MED17
Roger's cruise photos, to Istanbul, Turkey on Sept 19, 2015 All photos were shot with a FujiFilm X-T1 using a FujiFilm 18 - 55 mm f2.8 lens.

These were my dining companions on the 2nd leg of my cruise. They lived in Vancouver, Canada. They both moved from China at a young age to Canada. The loved seafood and were big eaters. She had a bubbly personality and spoke excellent English. He was very friendly fun loving guy but was hard to understand and could barely speak English.
James Crochetiere and his wife my dining companions on the first leg of my tour. James was an engineer and his wife a school teacher. They lived in Canada close to Niagara Falls. They were very fun outgoing people and communication with them was quite pleasing to me.
The three of us on our last dinner together. Some how I was able to do this cruise without gaining weight. I kept my portions down and only had two glasses of wine per night.
Our waiters behind us which were excellent and very fun people with very good food recommendations.
A view from the ship in Istanbul.
It was a beautiful old sea port in operation since medieval times.
Two cruise ships docked behind us.
The new and the old city was loaded with Mosques seemly about one for every 20 blocks.
Top of the ship with real grass still growing after two weeks at sea.
The Mosques architecture was quite pleasing to the eye. I ask the cab driver if he visited a Mosque regularly? His response was that, religion was for the old!
That is the bridge going to the old section of the city.
The ship library as seen from an opening in elevator shaft. All the elevators had glass sides and bottoms which made for quite scary rides. At the bottom of the elevator shaft was a live tree. The ship decor was very impressive.
The side entrance of the Blue Mosque. Which we visited first on our exciting cab ride to the old town Istanbul.
The court yard of the Blue Mosque which was built in 1609. The Islam religion is one of the largest in the world at 1 billion plus. According to Islamic tradition,the angel Gabriel appeared to the Prophet Muhammad over the course of 20 years thus beginning the religion. The line to get in was too long so we only toured the outside.
This is Hagia Sophia museum which was an amazing structure with beautiful grounds. The lady in our group had bad diabetes and was ready to go back so we did not enter the museum.
How did they keep those steeples up right in times of old?
The Islamic women will not win any beauty contests!
This couple Bill and Nadino I met on the 2nd leg of my cruise. As the ship excursions into Istanbul were canceled, because of an incident at the US Embassy involving an Isis scum bag. So we three did a cab together into the old city tourist attractions.
Yours truly at the Basilica Cistern (Sunken Palace) built in the 6th century, with a roof system that collected rain water and piped it down into a super huge cistern under the Basilica where I now posing.
Bill and Nadino posing in the cool underground cistern of old.
They apparently no longer use the fresh water collected and now it is there to impress the tourists.
A place to toss coins into the water for Alah and good luck. We hired a guide to take us down here so we could avoid the line to get tickets.
The grounds were very pretty.
On the way back to the ship our cab driver stopped on the bridge so that we could take some photos.
The bay looks relatively unpolluted.
New bridge in the foreground and very old bridge in the background.
Final view of the Blue Mosque on the way back to the ship. I would like to spend more time exploring this city. We did not have time for the shopping Bazar. We had a minor hassle over what currency the cab driver quoted us for the trip. We ended up paying more than he quoted originally but the price was still quite reasonable as the driver stayed with us for 4 hours and even guided us through some of the sites.