Photos MED16
Roger's cruise photos, to Dubrovnik, Croatia on Sept 25 & 26, 2015 All photos were shot with a FujiFilm X-T1 using a FujiFilm 18 - 55 mm f2.8 lens.

The inner city had many cool shaded passages which added to the charm and mystery of the place.
Window shaped like a thermometer.
Looks Roman to me.
Barred window.
Pretty courtyard near a church.
She had agreat sense of humor to go along with her extensive historical knowledge.
Fortunately the old inner city was spared in the war of 1991.
The awesome architecture coordinated with flora is very pleasing to the eye.
The fruit and produce in the market really looked good.
Figs yum yum.
I wanted to buy some of this dried candied fruit, but only did the samples as I did not have the right local currency with me.
Looks so fresh and sweet.
This is the next day in Croatia and I am off the tour bus for a photo shot of the beautiful coast and ocean.
Negotiating this curvy road riding on the bus was very hard on my stomach.
It sure looks Mediterranean with all those red tile roofs.
Back to the first day Sunday in the old city. The locals were performing folk dancing and music for the tourists complete with local costumes.
It was a bit like Greek dancing and music to my untrained eyes and ears.
They appeared to be having fun and the tourists loved it for sure. I tried some video but it was too crowded to get any good footage.
This guy appeared to be their leader and head dancer reminding me of Zorba the Greek.
Very stern looking teen agers.
They really had their heart and soul into it.
Pear cactus ready for the harvest.
Here is the weird instrument again?
Back to the 2nd day traveling in the country side of Croatia.
The seaside road had an accident so we came inland and the traffic was still congested to say the least. We are headed to a restaurant for lunch and may be late.
We made it to the very scenic restaurant right on a pretty river. The service, food, and wine was all good. I sat with a Chinese couple who spoke good English, were very engaging, and were interesting friendly people.
This water wheel was originally functional for grinding flour from various grains.
Some of the cooking takes place in this hearth. Look at those cast iron kettles.
Orange capped building of the past.
Most of these house were destroyed back in the 1991 war. I found it amazing how quickly they have rebuilt them into modern upscale looking structures. Apparently the government was able to get reasonable loans for the unfortunate victims of the war to rebuild.