Photos MED12
Roger's cruise photos, to Mykonos, Greece Sept 15, 2015 All photos were shot with a FujiFilm X-T1 using a FujiFilm 18 - 55 mm f2.8 lens.

The seas around this island are almost always rough according to the locals.
We came over on a ferry boat like the blue and white one.
Of course all these structures had roofs originally.

Li-con growing from the white granite.

Used to be copper in this square hole.
Apparently this was a offering collection hole to donate money to the local library.
I believe a library used to be in this location.
A trough in the rock to catch and distribute rain water.
They had some good stone workers during this time of Greek mythology.
A column that did not stay upright.
This woman will never win any beauty or best dressed contest!!!!
The Greeks loved lions. These are replicas. The originals are located in a museum near by.
Walking through a marsh to the museum.
The original lions in the museum.
Statue with beautiful stone and workmanship.
Not such great stone, but still artistic.
The devil god pulling on the steed's tail.
The only two sheep on the island I think.
Look at those waves.
All of the ship's inhabitants were getting a green color cast on their faces.
I kept walking round watching the horizon to help stave off sea sickness.
Back in Mykonos. Ah, smooth clear aqua water at last.
A beautiful coastal city. I wanted to have a seafood lunch at one of the restaurants but being alone I did not.
Nice looking yacht.