Photos MED11
Roger's cruise photos, to Mykonos, Greece Sept 15, 2015 All photos were shot with a FujiFilm X-T1 using a FujiFilm 18 - 55 mm f2.8 lens.

Sunrise in Mykonos Greece as seen from my state room veranda.
Our guidance tug boat leaving us for the day.
A large sailing ship birthed next to us.

We are now on a ferry boat headed to the island of Delos where our excursion is located today. The waves were high and many passengers were in danger of getting sea sick including my self.

We have reached the island now and have began walking through the excavated city originally built in 900 B.C. and abandoned in 100 A.D. due to silt build up in the ocean harbor.
The Greek Goddess of the sun, light, harmony, and beauty named Apollo lived on this island.
Rich merchants trading with sea faring ships mostly lived in these stone houses.
There were many methods of catching and storing rain water, required because there was very little fresh water on this island.
Water was stored in giant stone bowls like this.
Water was also stored in deep stone cisterns like this one.
Our male guide for the day. We used radios as it was hard to keep the group together and it was quite windy.
Sailing merchants with ships similar to this probably visited the island.
Stone windows originally?
Various metals were used to keep the stones in place. I think this was copper.
Stone table made to last.
Stone side walks every where.
Painted decorations on the stones.
Beautiful mosaic designs in the stone floors.
Stone storage.
The Greeks were very artistic.
Became buddies with this guy for the day, as he also had MS. We discussed the peculiarity of our disease and the progression of it with each other.
A stone bowl glazed inside.
Thistle seed pods.
The end of a super large cistern for storage of fresh water.
Another view of the water cistern.
The remnants of a large stadium probably used for various barbaric games.
A student of Greek Mythology and quite entertaining.
Another cistern which was probably guarded by Greek warriors.