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Roger's cruise photos, to Barcelona, Spain on Sept 7, 2015 All photos were shot with a FujiFilm X-T1 using a FujiFilm 18 - 55 mm f2.8 lens.

A view from the ship in Barcelona Spain. My plane was 5 hours late arriving.
My second flight out of Philadelphia to Barcelona however was a problem as the plane still on the ground began emitting noxious gas from the AC system. The technicians could not figure out how to fix it. A different aircraft was brought in by American, but it took 4 hours to get it ready. I drank wine in the bar to sooth my nerves and hoping perhaps it would help me sleep once I got in the air.
The port here looked very prosperous.

Photo of my large room with a nice balcony. It was very clean and modern, also close to the elevators. I was very happy with it.

Top deck of the ship with a putting green with real grass.
Pretty water fountain near the pool.
Beautiful sky tonight.

Bar was not open yet.


A very stylish teak wood bench.

They had a glass blowing factory shop up here on this top deck. I never did watch them blow glass bottles.
Tonights sunset multiple shots processed using Adobe HDR software. Perhaps a bit over done.
Had dinner in the formal dining room with this as a back drop.