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Photos of Menominee River in Northern Wisconsin - Class 3/4 Rafting trip -

This was the staging area for our Menominee River Raft trip in Northern Wisconsin. This beautiful farm country made me think perhaps I pursued the wrong profession!
We are about to enter the main drop into the steep gorge.
This first drop really got our hearts a pounding.
The guide is trying to line us up, to go over the top of Volkswagen Rock. We were only able to brush the side of it because we didn't paddle hard enough.
That's me on this side in the back with the brown hat under my helmet looking very concerned about that Volkswagen rock hazard coming up. Charlene is screaming and Mike is listening in disbelief.
Dropping into this hole was pretty scary.
I am the 3rd one from the front thinking about taking another stroke. Charlene & Mike seem to have disappeared.
I caved into the center of the boat fearing ejection.
Made it.
We ran this section twice. Even the 2nd time was exciting.
The end of a fun afternoon. A trip I will remember always.


Last updated on February 2, 2009