Photos Maxwell Rat Terrier Dog 2014
Photos by Roger Zellmer of Maxwell and Charlie taken on December 16, 2014. Photos shot, with a Canon 5Dmiii using a Canon 24-105mm f4 lens, and a 2 flash Canon 580EX off camera set up
This is Maxwell a rescue Rat Terrier who we got from Dee Humphrey. She adopted the dog and 3 days later went to Las Vegas for a vacation. She ended up getting a heart attack and had a 5 way bypass in Las Vegas and was unable to take the dog back until she recovered. Maxwell got along so well with Charlie dog, so we asked Dee if we could keep her and she said yes.
Maxwell has been a good dog and has killed several rats in our back yard. We have had to give him some anti bark training as he likes to bark at anything outside and inside barks at the TV anytime there is any animal on the screen. It drives Linda crazy.S
Charlie and Maxwell are the best of buddies and stay together constantly playing and entertaining each other.

Charlie before her recent femur hip operation. She has recovered from her operation now and is as active as before with the side affects being that ugly shaved hair from her hip.