Photo's MA1

Photo's by Roger of Marvin, Alice, Alan, Ray, and Linda at the Marine Room - Restuarant Week 2008.

We arrived at sunset and this is the view through the window at our table.
Ray and Alice in a serious discussion even after 1/2 the wine is gone.
That Edna Valley Cabernet wine that Alice and Marvin brought is wonderful.
The mood got better as the night went on.
Ray Rowen.
Alan Rowan finishining off a really gourmet salad.
Alan is one of my regular bridge partners who will play Precision Club system with me.
Alice Leicht a long time friend.
Marvin French long time friend and bridge partner who plays the 4 card major system
Thats what I think of some of your bids last time we played.
That hat makes you look a Canandian Ahy.

Last updated on December 31, 2008