Photos LH1

Roger's photography shoot at the Lake Hodges Park , California Feb 15, 2010

Photos were shot using a Canon 100-400 L series f4 f5.6 lens on a Canon 40d body hand held.

The first shots also included the Tamaron 1.4 converter, but auto focus did not work so I removed it.

Photos were processed using Adobe Camera Raw and Photoshop CS4.

A pair of Western Grebes. The water had lots of debris in it and some nice reflections. This shot was taken with a Tamaron 1.4 converter on the lens, so the total focal length was 400 x 1.4 x 1.6 = 896 mm. It definitely degrades the quality some.
An American Wigeon. Again some what grainy looking.
A pair of Grebes getting amorous.
Perhaps I should level this photo?
This is the reason we drove out here, to see the famous mating ritual. Not only Jesus can walk on water.
These are Clark"s Grebes because their eye is in the white part of their head. A Western Grebe has it's eye in the black part of it's head.
Sizing each other up.

I am not sure what this bird is, perhaps a Wilson's

This is an impressive site to watch. It only happens for a week or two in February or March.
A tranquil site.

I think they are admiring there own reflections.

The American Wigeon pair again.
An interesting thistle I thought.

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