Photos JP8

Roger's trip to Japan Apr 13, & 14, 2018 in Kanazawa. Photos were shot with a Fuji X-T2 camera using a Fuji 10mm - 24mm f/4.0 lens, a iPhone 6s camera, or with a DJI Mavic Pro Drone camera mounted on a 3d gimbal.

Malcolm's rental car at an automated parking garage at HOTEL MYSTAYS PREMIER Kanazawa.
We were located in a business area of Kanazawa
We are heading for Kanazawa Castle Park on foot.


We are entering the world famous garden KENROKUEN GARDEN

The park was beautifully green and a had a few cherry trees in bloom.
Young Japanese girls having a great time viewing their selfie photo.
We picked a great beautiful sunny day to visit this park.
Beautiful tranquil lakes covered a good portion of the park.
Loved the brilliant green foliage of this tree.
Shades of green.
Loved the sound of the waterfall in the back ground.
A shrine that really fits in with the environment.
We are now on the castle grounds which was right next to the garden.
This is the next morning Apr 14th and we are about to tour the inside of a small temple.
This is the outside of the temple. Unfortunately no photography was allowed inside and the guide spoke only in Japanese.