Photos JP6

Roger's trip to Japan Apr 9, 10, & 11, 2018 in Matsumoto. Photos were shot with a Fuji X-T2 camera using a Fuji 10mm - 24mm f/4.0 lens, a iPhone 6s camera, or with a DJI Mavic Pro Drone camera mounted on a 3d gimbal.

We are about to enter the beautiful Matsumoto Castle grounds.  A young couple perhaps taking the plunge of matrimony.
Lots of cherry blossom trees in the large 2 - 3 city block grounds area of this castle.
The moat is still kept full of water.

There is the castle with snow capped mountains in the background.  What a beautiful scene.

Nice rock sculptured water fountain.
Love that orange bridge leading into the moat protected grounds of the castle.
Loved this reflection and the cherry trees adorning the castle grounds.
I believe it was 5 stories high and again made out of wood.
The grounds were really well maintained.
It took about 45 minutes to walk around the outside of this castle.
They had serious doors in times of old, to keep their enemies out.  That door dwarfs the big guy Malcolm.
Some big old growth timbers. Fire was the biggest enemy of these castles.
Olden days Darth Vader.
This evening we had a wonderful dinner at this French Restaurant called Taiman. It was a week day and we were the only customers. The food and service was great. The 6 course dinner took us 3 hours to consume.  Of course we had a nice bottle of French southern Rhone wine with the dinner.
The presentation and the food and sauces was just outstanding.  This was my 2nd favorite dinner of the trip.
I can't recalled everything we had but it was extraordinary especially the vegetables and sauces.
What a delectable desert this was.
We of course tasted each other's food.  What a pleasant evening. I sure hope this place continues to survive as we were both concerned about the lack of patrons on this night.
The next morning in Matsumoto heading for the Museum of Art.  Malcolm tasting some public spring water.
It took about a half hour to get to the Art Museum.  It stopped  raining as we arrived.
What a cool pumpkin.
Beautiful life like statues.
We are indoors now.
We purchased tickets to see a special exhibition by Yayoi Kusama, a very famous artist who painted in New York for 15 years and then came to Japan around 1980 until now.  She is very prolific and her type of work is quite varied. She is on the verge of being crazy but is extremely creative.
These colorfull statues were legal to photograph.  All her work inside was illegal to photograph.
She loves all sizes and shapes of round poca dots.
This pretty water color was inside the main permanent work museum. We both enjoyed this museum a lot, especially the special exhibit by Yayoi Kusama. It was raining again. We took a cab to a good soba noddle house and then returned to the room.