Photos JP5

Roger's trip to Japan Apr 7,8, & 9, 2018 in Gotemba near Mt Fuji.  Photos were shot with a Fuji X-T2 camera using a Fuji 10mm - 24mm f/4.0 lens, a iPhone 6s camera, or with a DJI Mavic Pro Drone camera mounted on a 3d gimbal.

We took a bus from Tokyo to Gotemba.  We are almost there and that is Mt Fuji we are approaching.
Japan has a very impressive infrastructure including some cool looking bridges.

Japan is a very mountainous  country with many beautiful mixed forests.

Checked into a really nice upscale hotel called the Mars GardenWood.

This is our view from my 5th floor window.   The Lake was surrounded with what appeared to be some old growth trees. Our room had a panoramic view of snow capped Mt. Fuji and a Koi lake below. The lake at night had fountains shooting in all directions which were coordinated with music and multi colored lighting by a computer program.
We had dinner at a Teppan-yaki restaurant for guests only tonight.  It was the best dinner of my entire trip.
The dinner had many courses including lobster, fresh fish, and awesome fresh vegetables.
The Kobe beef and these vegetables were to dye for.
A seafood crepe.  YUM YUM.
This mushroom soup with Creme Fraiche was soo good.
Our French chef cooked everything to perfection and timed it perfectly with our dining speed.  Malcolm did request however that the chef slow down as he is a slow eater.  No problem, as it gave me more time to drink my share of the wine.
All the sauces were made at the table.
A fish course with beurre blanc (classic French butter sauce)
Bouillabaisse Seafood soup with lobster.   This may be the best food I have ever had the pleasure of consuming.
The modern hotel front desk area.
On our 2nd night at this wonderful hotel we ate at their for guest only Italian restaurant.  It was great, but not as good as the Teppan-yaki the night before.
Awoke in the morning to this lovely view.
Today we did not miss the included in room charge, morning breakfast.  Yesterday we got the time screwed up and missed it.
This is a traditional Japanese breakfast.  Where is the bacon and eggs?  It was very good, but weird having tofu instead of eggs and fish instead of bacon, rice instead of potatoes and what is a  breakfast salad for?
Each guest party had their own room to dine in.  This may have been my favorite hotel of the entire trip.
The cantaloupe looking melon was to die for. I think this was a $30 melon that we saw in the Tokyo Fish Market.
Fresh fish and what a presentation.
We are on our way to Motosumoto a 3.5 hour drive through the mountains.  This is our rental car.  Note the left fender with a a scrape put on it by Malcolm, when he side swiped a mountain guard rail yesterday on his way to an outdoor museum.  I am glad I did not go as the left side is the death seat.
We stopped after 45 minutes on the road at a ice cave which also had trails to view points of Mt Fuji.  We were told that this one had nice view points of Mt Fuji .5 to 1 mile out.
We walked in the brisk windy clean air about 35 minutes to this view point area.
There were several farm plots of rich looking volcanic soil.
To bad the clouds are hiding part of Mt Fuji.  The air was crisp and clean.
Another area of rich farm lands.  We suspect the farmers rent these plots.  No farm land lays foul in the small country of Japan.
He looks bigger than Mt Fuji with this photo perspective.
It was so peaceful and tranquil out here. I needed a break from riding in that car.
Malcolm said he is going to send a photo to motor trend magazine for insertion into their magazine.  I think this is the best one I took.
A new life taking off here.