Photos JP16

Roger's trip to Japan Apr 23, 2018 Matsue walk around UNESCO sites near our hotel. Photos were shot with a Fuji X-T2 camera using a Fuji 10mm - 24mm f/4.0 lens, a iPhone 6s camera, or with a DJI Mavic Pro Drone camera mounted on a 3d gimbal.

I decided to take some photos of our upstairs hotel room suite.  We had this whole flat to our selves.
We were told to remove our shoes before entering in to our rooms.
The main bedroom with the futons had finely finished wood floors with a large rug in the middle. Very spacious huge closets with precision cut wood trim. Some high windows in the upper A frame & roof which afforded wonderful indirect lighting during the day. This room is provided with every modern convenience except high beds.

Closets on right.

Bathroom sink.
A very nice shower which really cranked out high pressure water from two adjustable nozzles.
The toilet with all the features I have described earlier about the Japanese toilets.
The computer room next to the bedroom.
A nice table big enough for both our computers.
We pretty much covered up every inch of that table with our extensive electronics.  We also had a kitchen with fridge, stove, microwave, equipped with dishes and cooking pots.  We did no cooking however.  Tea and coffee was it.
Malcolm wanted to go back about 25 miles to the beach on the Sea of Japan to take a swim in the ocean and have photos taken of him. Before doing this we visited the same bakery we previously stopped at, to have some delicious pear French pastries, cappuccino coffee, and tea.
A French style bakery  which was very good.  The espresso was acceptable although not great.  Tea was very good.
Malcolm heading for the beach. Some how I lost all the beach pictures and drone videos I took this day, but Malcolm and I took some with his cell phone. We returned to the hotel after his swim in the North Sea.
After returning to the hotel we decided to take a short car trip to a 1720's World Heritage silver mine site which was very close to our hotel.
The road got very narrow and steep making me very nervous with Malcolm's driving, so we decided to park and hike up to the mine.
I decided to stay out of this ominous looking shaft.
This apparently was the UNESCO mine site but they charged to go in.  I have visited many mines and decided to forget touring it.
We continued up the mountain and through the forest. Some stands of old growth tall pine trees up here.
Mossy little creek heading down the mountain.
Perhaps good for a salad.
It was a beautiful walk up the mountain, with several trails heading in all directions.
This wood earthen covered bridge was scary.
It was a long ways to the bottom.
Pretty flowering plants among the tall trees.
Everything was so green.  I love trails like this.
There were some private residences up here.
The asphalt road is gone now.
An easy trail however.
Trail is getting more narrow now.
The big guy waiting for me to catch up.
Another blooming little tree in this pretty mixed forest.
Good looking Akita dog on chain.  I tried to get a photo of Malcolm petting the dog, but he was afraid of getting bite.  The dog chain was long enough for him to get us on the narrow road, but the dog turned out to be very friendly.
Private garden with bamboo trellis for tomatoes.
There was actually a little Tea House up here. We stopped for green tea and a Japanese sweet pastry which was yummy.
Made it back to the hotel with no accidents.  We are having a private sit down Japanese dinner prepared by the hotel chef.
Everything was very good.  We were hungry after the hike.  This was our last night at this fun scenic area.