Photos JP15

Roger's trip to Japan Apr 22, 2018 Matsue walk around UNESCO sites near our hotel. Photos were shot with a Fuji X-T2 camera using a Fuji 10mm - 24mm f/4.0 lens, a iPhone 6s camera, or with a DJI Mavic Pro Drone camera mounted on a 3d gimbal.

We started our walk today at this location.
This girl gave information and sold tickets for sites which required them.  We asked for a guide but none of them spoke English.

I was tempted to use a rental rickshaw, but decided I needed the exercise.

Tulips in full bloom.

Lots of old canals and ditches for run off water drainage in this area.
Flowers blooming all over this tourist and residential area.
Flower basket at entry into a local residence.
Tulips at this residence.
What a pretty quiet place this must be to live in.
A weather beaten residence
Needs more white wash.
A grove of bamboo trees, but no panda bears.
The old shrines are all over the place and not guarded!!
We have walked about 2 miles now.
The large structures are surviving without vandalism.  Could this happen in the US?
There used to be some large trees in these mountains.
Soo pretty.
Another old building unattended.
Very old statues.
Had trouble getting the color adjusted on this old building. The wood workmanship and carving was soo good that I had to include it even with my color defect.
Malcolm rented a recorder to hear all about the history of the area.
This shows the construction of the building walls.  It looks kind of like stucco and as you can see they put the bamboo trees to good use.
Stair way to Buddhist heaven?
Malcolm looking for Buddha.
In the US these would be ripped off for some ones patio land scaping.
Easy to spot a postal pickup box in Japan.
Colorful hedge.
Loved these unusual fluffy flowers.
Close up of the tulips shown in previous photos.
After about 3 - 4 miles we are back to where we started.
This was a Sunday and there were lots of tourist visiting these UNESCO sites.
I purchased tickets to see the very old Buddha statues located in the caves of a mountain.
Photos were not allowed, but I sneaked a few on the sly.
These very old Buddha's are in great condition.
I could not be a Buddhist because there is no way I could sit like this.
They seem to be interacting with each other.
Leaving the caves now.  One really has to watch his step here on the slippery moss cover trails and steps.
Miniature Buddhas.
Love these concave bridges.
A statue guarding the Koi pond.

Beautiful Koi with many colors. I had to find a spot with no overhead bird nets to photograph them.  


The 3.5 mile walk was worth it.