Photos JP14

Roger's trip to Japan Apr 21, 2018 Matue Castle. Photos were shot with a Fuji X-T2 camera using a Fuji 10mm - 24mm f/4.0 lens, a iPhone 6s camera, or with a DJI Mavic Pro Drone camera mounted on a 3d gimbal.

We are on our way driving to Matsue.  We stopped at this beach French Pastry shop to have scones and expresso.  I decided to fly my drone and this photo was taken with the Mavic Pro drone camera.
I am photographing Malcolm with my drone and he is photo graphing me with his iphone.
Malcolm's photo of me flying my drone with iphone and drone controller.  At the end of this page there is a video of my flight.  Please take a look.
Drove from our hotel about 2 hours to reach this castle in the city of Matsue.
It was a beautiful warm day.  Malcolm found an almost free guide to take us through the grounds and castle.

Beautiful old growth trees on the grounds surrounding the castle.

I don't think I could learn this language even in my prime years.

Moss covered Japanese Elm.
This tree has been shaped by winds and rocks.
Beautiful sculptured Zen Rock gardens.
This castle was 5 stories high and very tricky to climb on the slippery inside wooden stairs.
The castle had some impressive artifacts in its interior.
Spunky looking steed this warrior is riding.
View from the top.
These ceramic type roofs must have been tricky to construct in the days of old.
Look at the size of these timbers.
Original carvings.
I count five stories.  A slow climb for my injured right knee.
Peaceful grounds just out side of the moat.
Japanese Red Elm tree.
Looks like Darth Vader statues?
Looks like the land forces are ready for anyone getting off these Sea of Japan vessels.
The moat around this castle was still viable and tours in boats offered some nice views.
A very soothing scene.
I wanted to have lunch in this upscale restaurant, but Malcolm refused to have any more fixed menu meals as I whined about the restriction of diet and the cost.  I was so hungry I would have ate any where.

CLICK on icon to watch HOTEL AREA DRONE VIDEO.  Use YOUTUBE full screen 1080p and turn up audio to your liking.

Got up about 6:30 am and showered. Got my drone all charged up and took it out to a green grass plot of land near the hotel. There was no wind at all and the air was crystal clear. I got some nice clear footage of the mountainous landscape around the hotel. The green textures of the forest were amazing. The drone maps feature of the area here in Japan even worked.

CLICK on icon to watch SEA OF JAPAN DRONE VIDEO.  Use YOUTUBE full screen 1080p and turn up audio to your liking.

We took off for the 1.5 to 2 hour drive for Matsue around 10:00 am. There was a short stretch of nice sandy beach along the Sea of Japan Ocean where we stopped at a pastry shop. I had a donut, sweet roll and a cappuccino for breakfast. As the beach was almost deserted, I decided to fly my drone on this beach taking off from a concrete walkway near a tree. It was a hazy day but I think I got some good footage of the ocean shoreline and looking back onto the land I got 2 Windmills that were producing electric power. Malcolm took off his shoes and waded into the water for some photos. The weather in high 70’s was perfect for the beach and I could not believe that it was nearly empty.