Photos JP13

Roger's trip to Japan Apr 20, 2018 in Matsue area - Ryokan Yuzuriha Hotel. Photos were shot with a iPhone 6s camera.

On the freeway in the mountains heading for Matsue.
The mixed forest in the mountains are beautiful.

They get lots of rain up here.

Nice lighting as the sun was going down.

Japan has more tunnels than any other country I have visited.
Cherry trees were scattered here and there in the mountains.
Many shades of green.
We have arrived at our destination after a long hard day of driving and have found a nice little restaurant near our hotel.  No jazz tonight, but the upstairs had all the equipment for a jazz band.
The Italian food was great and well presented.
Malcolm about to partake of the food and wine.
Malcolm tasting the Chianti Classico wine which was priced reasonable and acceptable.
This strawberry tart dessert was awesome.