Photos JP12

Roger's trip to Japan Apr 19 , 2018 in Kyoto at the Imperial Palace. Photos were shot with a Fuji X-T2 camera using a Fuji 10mm - 24mm f/4.0 lens, a iPhone 6s camera, or with a DJI Mavic Pro Drone camera mounted on a 3d gimbal.

Yesterday via bus, we never found the palace. Today we took a cab rather than negotiate the buses in Kyoto.
Beautiful workmanship on these structures.
Looks like gold leaf.

The Japanese love the color orange.

Intricate man made structures in harmony with natures trees.
The roof shingles were so cool.
The big guy goes well with orange.
My skin is also compatible with orange.
Many shades of compatible greens and textures.
The eaves are made of copper and turn a pretty green color. The repeating shapes are so pleasing to the eye.
Some serious step construction here.
Drapes and carpets adorn this portion of the palace.
The gardens and reflecting ponds were just so awesome at this palace.
Hard-scape and soft scape blended so well here.
Unusual blossoms on this tree.
He is photogenic on green as well as orange.
The Japanese keep these gardens very well maintained.
Young light green shoots of life.
Stone and trees in harmony.
A bit of red makes this scene very dynamic.
After a 2 hour walk through the imperial palace we looked for a neighborhood small restaurant and found this small French style one which had great food and wine at a very reasonable price. YUM YUM
We are at another UNESCO site a short cab ride from the Imperial Palace.  Symmetry and repeating patterns here was very nice.
One last look at the gardens through yet another orange trellis. This site was pretty but no comparison to the Kyoto Imperial Palace site.
The small palace buildings also had really well designed and crafted construction.