Photos HS4

Roger and Linda's High Sierra RV trip, Bridgeport 6- 16 trip north to Emma Lake and on 6-18 trip to Twin Lakes west of our Paradise Shores Campground on Bridgeport Reservoir. Shot with a Fuji X-T3 using a Fuji 18-55mm f2.8 lens.

Decided to drive about 30 miles north to Little Walker Creek taking a dirt road to Emma Lake trail head. The road got to scary and rough so stopped here to walk along the creek a bit. It was so green and beautiful up here.
Little Walker Creek. I lost my walking stick from the wood bridge into this creek. It was too steep to retrieve.
Pristine air beautiful mixed forest up here.
It was a good think I abandoned the truck because serious construction was going on up the road on a steep incline.
Lake Emma was suppose to be the prettiest lake in this area of the Sierras. To bad we never made it to the trail.
This is near Twin Lakes and is a trail leading back to the river that feeds Twin Lakes.
Docile water here but soo scenic.
Passed by a very beautiful meadows.
The RV park must have been 5 miles long at Twin Lakes Resort. Linda's maiden name.
Into the deep forest among the huge black pine conifers.
The river is becoming rapid and very steep here.
Not a good place to cross.
YOUTUBE VIDEO "click arrow to view" of this raging little creek. Adjust volume, 4k resolution, and use full screen if desired.
Linda would not follow me up along the river and stayed down on flat country with Charlie Dog.
Pine cones ready to produce more trees.
The Sierras are so scenic. We really enjoyed our trip up here as was not crowded at all because of the pandemic.