Photos HS3

Roger and Linda's High Sierra trip, Lone Pine 6- 12 & 17 - 2020, local area photos near our Boulder Creek Campground. Shot with a Fuji X-T3 using a Fuji 18-55mm f2.8 lens.

A shot of Mt. Whitney from Turtle Creek camp ground.
A path leading to Turtle Creek which was almost dry this time of year. All sites had panoramic views of Mt. Whiteney no hook ups except water.
It was quite windy up here today.
Next we drove to Lone Pine camp ground on the road to Mt. Whitney Portal. The starting points for the long trek up to the summit/
This is Lone Creek Lone Pines water supply.
Man beautiful views from this camp ground also. Again no hookups except water.


Still some snow in the mountains.

I was not happy with this, as I wanted to drive up another 5 miles to the Portal camp ground and take a 1 mile hike on the trail up the mountain to the first lake. BUMMER that dam PANDEMIC.

A view down the mountain towards Lone Pine.
The Titanium 5th wheel and Diesel truck at Boulder Creek RV park just south of Lone Pine, California.
Maybe I need one of these for the remainder of my RV travelling activity.
Still lots of moisture in the Meadows around Lone Pine.
Slight variation of previous photo.
Brown tone variation of same photo.