Photos HS2

Roger and Linda's High Sierra trip, Lone Pine 6- 12- 2020, Owen's River Dust Mitigation Project area photos and videos. Shot with a Fuji X-T3 using a Fuji 18-55mm f2.8 lens.

On my way out to the Owens Lake bed.
The dust mitigation project created most of these lakes from underground water. They are used to flood the dusty parts of lake bed. In some areas stones and gravel has been used to cover the dust.
This lake bed project is about 100 miles long.
Man made canals.
Beautiful day and nice view of the Sierras.
Pumping station used to transport water through pipes to areas that need dust mitigation.
Charlie dog looking for water birds in the this area.
The LA water district spent millions to stop this dust from blowing around. Money is no object when you really need the water.
Even the hard core environmentalist are happy with the out come of this project. Many birding species have returned to this area for the birders to watch.
Many high voltage power lines had to be run into the area to power the big pumps. The electric power bill must be staggering.



The river is really small down here. LA siphons most of the water into the LA Aqua Canal going south.
There are no restrictions preventing visitors from coming into the project area. Great spot to fly drones, but was too windy today.