Photos GC2

Photos by Roger Zellmer and Steve Biro - Lowell Observatory October 2003 -

Steve and I did an afternoon tour of the Lowell Observatory in Flagstaff, Arizona. Flagstaff is actually a very pretty town. I now see why people retire here.
The grounds were very beautiful and covered with big Ponderosa and Pinion pine trees.
This is where Percival Lowell is buried. He was a businessman, mathematician, and was a very rich man who made most of his money in the textile industry
Here is the 24" Clark refractor that Lowell used for most of his observing.
This is our guide getting ready to escort us into another telescope.
Here is Steven in front of the photographic telescope used to discovered Pluto the last know planet in our solar system. Lowell did not discover it, but proved mathematically that it was out there and laid the ground work for the discovery.
Steven in the library museum.
Here I am in front of the flicker comparator machine used to discover Pluto. Two photo's shot days apart where compared looking for movement of an object (planet) thus confirming planetary motion. A very laborious job I bet.

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