Photos GC1

Photos by Roger Zellmer and Steve Biro - Grand Canyon October 2003 -

We entered the South Rim from the east park entrance. This is at the stone tower.
Steve conversing with another hiker headed down the Kaibab Trail
Steve and I taking a break on the Kaibab trail. I had the most muscle pain from the trek down. The calf's of my legs really ached and burned that night.
A pretty butte that we hiked along.
On the Bright Angel Trail the morning of the 2nd day. We started at 6:00 a.m. in the dark.
A pretty little water fall near the trail. The lower half of the trail was along a scenic little running creek.
Were almost out. This is a view of Indian Gardens from near the rim.
Sun set on the rim. There were wild fires burning on the north rim as can be seen by the smoke on the horizon. They were set naturally by lightening and are allowed by the NPS to burn.
3rd morning panorama rim shot. Noticed the river below and the edge of hermit rapids.
Spotted some mountain goats on a ledge.
We couldn't figure out how they got out there.
This is the spunky little ranger who conducted our fossil walk and lecture. She was a geologist, excellent speaker, and very entertaining.
This is a Brachiopod fossil laid down by the most recent ocean covering this area.
We also spotted a small tarantula near the fossil bed. This really alarmed the kidlets.

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