Photos GA3
Photo's by Roger Zellmer of Gates of Ladore rafting trip in June 2006

Female big horn sheep were very prolific in beautiful Dinosaur NP.
They were all quite tame and unafraid of humans.
Jill was tired the last day as several people stayed up partying until 12:30 a.m. last night, to her disgust.
My last camp site of the trip, out of the sun under box elder and oak trees.
It was nice and green here.
The young boys in the group of 17 built this rock dam on the creek, so the girls could wash their hair. I am sure the park services frowns on this activity.
Mollie and Jill decided to paddle the Duckie the last day.
She's still dry
Jill looking confident.
Getting set up to run a rapid.
A nice class 2.
Ride em Cowboy.
An exciting stretch of water.
The mother raft was close by for rescue. Mollie was ejected from her back seat when they went over a large rock and fell into a deep hungry hole. Mollie kept getting sucked into it, but finally got out and was rescued by the raft. The event did not phase Mollie as she went right back out.
Dig in hard Jill.
The scenery along the river in my humble opinion is the main reason for Dinasauer NP.
Jill getting her 2nd wind.. She was a fun guide and like a mother insisted that we wash our hands before eating.
An interesting Ladore geological uplift with lots of curvature and bending.
I also decided to do the Duckie for the last 5 miles of the trip which entailed some nice little class 2 & 3 rapids. It was so refreshing on this hot 97 F. day. The water was in the low 40's. A good way to end this fun trip.

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