Photos GA2
Photo's by Roger Zellmer of Gates of Ladore rafting trip in June 2006

The Como cozy on jump number 2.
This guide made the biggest splash.
Jill our boat companion number 2 also from St. Louis, MO.
Carol and Jill were accountants.
Chick with an attitude and no pants.
Josh my favorite guide because he was very safety minded and really watched the Duckies carefully. He kayaked the entire Grand Canyon in a hard shell.
We scouted Upper disaster rapids before running. This is were Powell lost one of his boats.
Carol trying out her waterproof throw away camera.
Where is the cold beer, we are thirsty.
The 2nd rock jumping stone was higher and took more nerve.
This was a water fall which some of us hiked to.
It was a very cool spot.
Carol and sleepy Jill enjoying the spray.
This kind gentlemen carried my water in his backpack for me. He was from Colorado Springs and owned a SOAR inflatable 14' kayak just like mine.
A very tranquil spot.
Mollie enjoying the cool spray.
A view of the river on the trail returning from the water falls. It was a tough steep hike, but worth the effort.
We had steaks on this night with a decadent potato casserole and my favorite vegetable corn.
On the 3rd day it began to get quite hot requiring river water dunks to keep us cool.
A very interesting geological uplift with bent Ladore rock.

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