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Photos by Linda and my trip to Dinosaur NP October 2005

We entered Dinosaur NP from the north via Flaming Gorge National Recreation Area on a nerve racking very steep curvy road.
The Green River is dammed here and creates a huge long lake..
Another view of the Lake closer to the dam.
Here is the dam in the background. My diesel truck got loss of power and a engine alarm light coming out of here. Fortunately it recovered after being turned off for 5 minutes.
The entrance into Dinosaur NP's main quarry. We spent about and hour looking at the partially exposed bones still imbedded in the rock canyon face. Most of the really big specimens were shipped to the Smithsonian Museum.
The Green River in Dinosaur NP.
The beautiful campground at Split Mountain. I want to stay here perhaps next spring when we raft the Green River from the Flaming Gorge Dam down to this take out spot. This famous class 2/3 rafting run is called the Gates of Ladore.
Down stream of Split Mountain.
This park is worth seeing even if you are not interested in seeing the dinosaur bones in the quarry.
A Box Canyon which we walked into. A woman rancher lived here for 30 years and used this canyon as a coral.
The leaves and bushes were so vibrant in color
It really echoed in this area.
More color.
Linda liked the scenery more than Meghan and I. Notice how none of us are in the photo.


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