Photos Charlie Border Terrier Dog 2016
Photos by Roger Zellmer of Charlie in Jan - Mar 2016. Photos shot, with a Canon 5Dmiii using a Canon 24-105mm f4 lens, and a Canon 580EX on camera flash.
Yours truly and Maxwell dog with his red ball.
Maxwell is doing quite well for a 12 year old rescue dog.
Maxwell is a barker however and we have to install a bark collar on him when we put him outside to keep peace with the neighbors.

Charlie dog and Maxwell dog are the best of buddies playing, grooming, and exploring the property together.

Trying some portrait photos of myself with my new light box.
Charlie dog has totally recovered from her hip-femur operation. She runs with no sign of any impairment.
I purchased an RC Traxxas Jeep Stampede vehicle and Charlie dog loves to chase this thing for long periods of time at 35 mph, constantly barking at it. Thanks to my friend David Oakley for taking this photo while I operated the vehicle.
This and the next photo is also taken by David. I find this device really great to give the pup lots of exercise putting in limited effort of my self.
She loves to chase the car but is afraid of it and does not chump on it when she catches up with it.