Photos Charlie Border Terrier Dog 2015
Photos by Roger Zellmer of Charlie on Feb 19, 2015. Photos shot, with a Canon 5Dmiii using a Canon 24-105mm f4 lens, and a Canon 580EX on camera flash.
She weighs 11.5 pounds now and and is still not potty trained at 6 months old!!!
We have a breast halter for Charlie to keep her from choking herself to death.
This is our charming training person at Petco. She really has a way with dogs. We have finished the beginning puppy class and will be beginning the intermediate class next week. We use hand signals with lots of treats to train Charlie.

Charlie drinks water with abandon spilling it all over the place.

Charlie loves to be with her humans.
Playing with her ball upside down! She actually sometimes sleeps this way.
Graduation night for Charlie girl.
Two proud humans with their sleepy pup.
Charlie is getting sick of her hat and his almost ready for bed.